The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

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The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby TorontoGal » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:00 am

Hey Hoomans! As he's a founding father of Hoomanism, and the reason our community has its name, I figure its about time that we have a thread dedicated to the Twitch streams of the ever-entertaining Ryon Day! The awesome thing about Ryon's streams is that they're a potent mix of improvised comedy, mindful musings, and at times, poignant real-talk.


What are some of your favorite moments and memories from Ryon's streams? Whether it's gardening with Natalie, edging with Orcs, or slithering with sneks, there have been a ton of shared community moments during Ryon's gameplay sessions. He has an awesome knack for mixing together a welcoming and friendly vibe with cheeky and clever sense of improvisational gaming. And often times the narratives and inside jokes that arise between Ryon and the chat are more memorable and vibrant than the game itself. So here's our chance to chat about all that good stuff, past, present and future!

:ryonGood: :ryonScotch:


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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby rocketsoup » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:21 am

I am sure to think of many others, but one that comes to mind is in Winter in Fairbrook, Ryon's commentary on Jacob's bashful, ineffectual plays at Natalie, talking about the weather and other neutral topics but never daring to speak his heart. I think Jacob rings pretty familiar for a lot of us shy dorks, and it was an amusing but compassionate take on an all-too-familiar scene.

Also, this screen shot. :lol:

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby CaptDaf » Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:01 pm

Man, I miss Ryon's streams. I'm not working from home anywhere near as much as I used to these days, so I don't get to catch them.
As TGal was saying, the game being played is secondary to Ryon's presence, enthusiasm, and his love for scotch, hoomans, and fine tunes.
Winter in Fairbrook, though, so many good times. <3
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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby rocketsoup » Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:25 pm

This thread wouldn't be complete without linking to the Witcher "Immigrant Song" intro by CollectibleCat.

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby cRandyGamble » Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:34 pm

Ugh, I love Ryon's streams! Well, I love Ryon, he's just a great guy. I really admire him for his efforts in bettering himself and his compassion for others. Plus, he's funny as hell! Those Fairbrook streams were absolutely hilarious!! Oh, I made some PhotoShop images during that time, I will post them here! I'm looking forward to his new podcast with the Mighty Jerd called Geek Fitness Matters. Ryon is often at his best when doing some :ryonRealTalk: , whether about social or political issues or health both physical and mental, he has a lot of wisdom to share. Ryon and Anna Geeks did a stream together once that was absolutely phenomenal! Those two also make a dynamite combo. And who can forget Daddy?! :ryonDaddyLikey: I'm still proud that he put my drawing of Daddy as his only pinned Tweet ever on Twitter. :feliciaYEAH: His Spotify playlists are great and his streams are the reason I started listening to jazz, further opening my musical tastes. OH, I did make a video of one of his streams where I synced up some music to his stream while playing Shadows of Mordor. The timing on the final kills (and the overall combat for the whole song) was like magic unfolding before our eyes (and ears). Check it out at
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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby VPhantom » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:51 am

I'm glad to see this is catching on! Thanks for breaking the ice, :feliciaToronto: :D

Now, I'm not a "gaming" guy: I played ICO on PS2 which otherwise collects dust (never could finish off Family Guy), Katamari on PS3 and didn't have the Colecos and Gameboys of my peers when I grew up. (Plenty of cool stuff on my beloved Amiga 2000 which is the desktop version of the Days' "portable" Amiga 500, but I was already a teenager by then, more interested in the Distant Suns planetarium than by Return of the Jedi. Thanks, Asimov!) A casual Wii (U) with my parents, but nothing difficult like Mario. Before, I never understood why someone would just sit around and watch someone else in another country play some game, clearly designed to entertain the player and not a whole audience, nor why one would "film themselves" playing.

Yet now I haven't, and wouldn't, miss a single of Ryon's Twitch streams ever since I discovered them in July of 2015. That is telling. Ryon's the kind of friend I would've had if I hadn't moved so much growing up, as to become my current solitary self. Role model in I.T., which is a fortuitous twist. Just hanging out through gaming, which at times is a distant second to the conversation with chat, is a real treat and the camaraderie got me through some tough weeks (of which the Scuzzi and RV sagas gave me plenty). The amazingly diverse sound track is another totally unexpected bonus which reignited my interest in discovering new music.

On one hand, one of my favorite stints so far is the humble Slither: super long pre-stream chill, lots and lots of coq-à-l'âne discussion, no long-term game stakes, and hearing the sound Ryon would probably make if he were to almost fall off an actual cliff, when another snek got too close, that's priceless. :ryonGood: It's also the only game I actively participated in, as I narrowly missed Don't Starve Together and didn't have Windows for the late-night Golf With Friends. (No, I never managed to catch his snek of course! That honor was reserved to Babrooster.) The snek is a perfect "blend" :ryonScotch: of chill and our participation. — More please!

On the other hand, the Firewatch play through resonated with me strongly. That had a lot of serious :ryonRealTalk: , yet was still very relaxing. That is also Ryon and I's shared dream job for another life, which I think is really cool. — Keep 'em coming!

I look forward to the next Slither, Firewatch or Witcher III. As always, it'll be something I never heard of unless he installs UAE (I live under a rock, remember? ;) ). It'll also quite probably be the highlight of my otherwise overworked week, as I haven't really branched out to other Twitch efforts, except of course the totally surprising :ryonDaddyLikey: episode!

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby rocketsoup » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:23 am

More things keep coming to mind!

I'm not much of an epicurean myself. Not as basic as Natalie or anything, but not well educated in the things I enjoy. Everyone has their tastes and will freely share their recommendations for things, but the "why" is usually just "it's really good. You should try it."

So I appreciate not only Ryon's tastes but that he's able to articulate the merits. Particularly in music, his knowledge of the musicians and their strengths and career history adds so much depth to what you can appreciate in their music. In addition to learning about bands and songs I've never heard, I gain a newfound appreciation for songs I've heard and enjoyed just fine but now can really savor the fine details. As just one example, rediscovering the song You Got Me by the Roots and the amazing drums by Questlove, and by extension, Erykah Badu.

Entertainment is valuable in itself, especially when you need an escape (much needed these days!), but it's always nice to also come away learning something that enhances your life. It's hard not to learn something interesting on Ryon's streams.
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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby molarduck » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:26 pm

I think it should be fairly obvious what my favorite Ryon Twitch moments were by my username.

In truth, the best part of Ryon's streams are oftentimes that beginning 30-90 minutes in which he's not even playing a game and just talking to us. Ryon's ability to be open, positive, and nonjudgmental is one of the pillars by which we have built our community. I'm always impressed and inspired by his willingness to stop and take a moment to real talk about someone's issues and really understand them.

Through Ryon and Felicia, we've found a group of folks that really try and support each other. I've met people locally and abroad who I have let into my world because of the community they've built. I've let them into my life and literally into my home, at least one has spent a night on my couch cuddling with my dog. All in all I've been the better for it. I've seen people with real serious troubles feel comfortable opening up, and accept that maybe, just maybe, they aren't alone in the world.

So if you want to think about the greatest thing that has happened in Ryon's twitch career, I would say that it is each and every one of us. His best achievement is when we reach out instead of drawing back. His highlights are when we let ourselves be vulnerable for the betterment of others, as well as ourselves.

There's a lot of hurt in the world today, and a lot of people who are hurting in our community. There are a lot of people who are helping in our community as well, and I think Ryon has no small part by leading by example.


-- House Molar

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby RobHinesWriter » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:10 pm

(This post was written with the full approval of RobHinesWriterWife, aka Nickelback)

Ryon, Ryon, Ryon.

When I stumbled into your stream for the first time, about a year ago now, you were a gracious and welcoming host.

Then I mentioned my wife and things got...weird.

Her snap judgement of your stream, and video game streaming in general, didn't deter you. In fact, the mere mention of my name sent you into hilarious spirals of mock despair, complete with Michael Stipe's melancholy chorus and your own desperate pinings for my wife to change her tune.

Me, on the other hand? Well, you seemed happy to have me there, and that's good enough for me. ;)

But after the initial period of getting to know you and your style, along with getting to know many of those in your audience, I found your streams to be more than just entertainment. When I wander into a Ryon Day stream, I know I'll be able to either interact or just hang out and escape the world for a while.

My favorite Ryon stream memory (for now) has been the game of Golf with Friends where I snuck in (sorry JaySear) and shot a few holes of golf with the Hoomans. As I had NO idea how to play, I was usually the last player shooting on each hole, which gave Ryon plenty of opportunities to commentate on my game. It was a blast and even Nickelback enjoyed watching me suck so badly.

For these reasons and many more, Ryon, allow me to say that on behalf of the Hines family, we thank you and appreciate all you do for Team Hooman.


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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby buttercuperica » Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:12 am

I think one of my favorite moments thus far has been watching Ryon play Firewatch and having "Africa" by Toto stuck for an entire week after. Also the hubris deaths while playing Sneks.
Every time I get to catch one of Ryons streams I feel like I am home. I know that seems hokey, but it's the truth. Ryon was the first Twitch streamer to ever notice my existence, let alone be nice. I am very grateful. Without him I would have never dived into the larger Team Hooman community. Without Team Hooman I would be lonely. I love Ryon and I love Team Hooman. :feliciaYEAH:

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby ryon » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:51 pm

Wow, wow just wow!

I am humbled by the gratitude and appreciation I'm reading in this thread. When I think of the things in my life that bring me great pride, having a part in the founding of this community comes near the very top.

I am overjoyed to think that I succeed in my mission to foster an environment of inclusivity, empathy, compassion and acceptance on a platform with which that is quite frankly difficult to accomplish; of course, it's all of you who make it those wonderful things, I just get out of your way, and magic happens.

I'm proud of the friendships I've forged and delighted at those that I've seen forged between other members of the community, and I hope to know all of you when we're all old. Maybe by then I will have won Nickelback's approval!

I chuckle to myself a lot when I think about past streams. So much of what makes my streams fun for me is the involvement of you, the audience in helping tell stories parallel to the actual game narrative; Why should Deus Ex be about something boring like an artificial plague and alien lifeforms, when it can be about a hapless, well-meaning but blithe trophy-dispensing volunteer coordinator for a questionable charity? Why should Stardew Valley be about farming when it can instead, be about the quixotic pursuit of dem gutz? I enjoy improv-ing with all of you so much!

Here's to the community, and here's to more streams in the near future.

And a special thanks for VPhantom and of course the irreplaceable TGAL for getting the ball rolling.


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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby cRandyGamble » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:47 pm

Ryon, you bring up a good point about your streams: interactivity. I kind of take it for granted that I'll be able to interact with everyone, including the streamer, when I hang out on Twitch but I am spoiled rotten. You set a high bar for interactivity, taking our input on everything from the game to the music to even the lighting on Peebs' favorite napping spot into account. And by engaging with the ongoing conversations, it feels more organic because you're chatting WITH us, not speaking AT us. Every stream feels less like a show put on for us to silently enjoy and more like hanging out with a bunch of awesome friends. I imagine it would be quite similar if we came over to your place for a cook out, or an evening of adult beverages, real talk, and light finger blasting. ;)

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby JeremyFromPDX » Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:00 am

A lot of wonderful feelings on this thread. Had some technical and philosophical issues which kept this from getting done as soon as I wanted to, but here is my own tribute to Ryon TwitchWorld!
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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby TheMightyJerd » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:34 am

I don't know who this Ryon Day character is, but he sounds like a real jerk to me.

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby Soylent_Heston » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:04 am

Ryon seems like good people. And I always have Wikipedia and an online dictionary at the ready when he gets rhetorical.

I can honestly say the only impact I've had on Ryon's life was informing him that "AND TWINS!" was from a beer commercial. You're welcome! :ryonDaddyLikey:

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby Chizzlywizzly » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:25 am

OH maan, I miss the Fairbrook streams!

Seeing prostate cancer get licked has been a worthwhile use of my time as well, Analingus Across America shall be a lasting memory. And of course, edging buddies.

It's always a pleasure when I get the chance to catch a Ryon stream, sad that it can't be more often due to timezones, but that means I treasure the ones I can catch. Many thanks, Ryon, for giving up your own time to entertain us Hoomans ^_^

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby vessiot » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:07 pm

I documented Ryon's beverage commentary from the Winter in Fairbrook streams, and I thought maybe I shouldn't keep all of this wonderfulness to myself.

Mike's Hard Lemonade

"If a hobo polished his nob with Lemon Pledge and urinated in my mouth, I think it would taste something like Mike's Hard Lemonade."

"It tastes like if I dissolved three boxes of Lemonhead candy in cheap plastic bottle vodka like Gilbey's, and then let most of the alcohol evaporate."

"It's like I filled my mouth with sugar and then squeezed all of those little lemon shaped lemon juice things in my mouth and then swished it around ... and then kept it in there until it fermented on its own."

"My teeth have that squeaky feeling you get after drinking soda. It feels like they're rotting. It feels like my teeth are already rotting. Uck."

"It's disgusting! Look at that ... I've almost finished it, guys. ... It's just the shittiest. I feel like I need to brush my teeth and floss. In fact, my teeth feel like they're dissolving."

"This is just the worst. I can't even believe this. ... No one should drink this particular alcoholic beverage. #mikesisms"

"This is apparently what lemons were born to do. God, lemons should really aspire to greater things. Lemons are really underachievers, that's all I have to say. ... That's disgusting."

"11.2 fluid ounces. I really needed that extra fifth of a fluid ounce."

"Oh my god ... That squeaky teeth feeling. #mikesisms"

"Guys, I finished it! I finished it, guys! And it's like there is a coating on the inside of my mouth ... like if a factory dealership had done the weatherproofing and the undercarriage coating. I bet that's what a car feels like when it gets the factory, you know, undercarriage coating.”

Smirnoff Ice (Green Apple)

“This is a premium malt beverage [pause] with natural flavors.”

“It is a twist off, of course.”

“Smells—if anything could possibly smell sweeter than Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this is it. It’s just sickeningly sweet. If there are — alcoholic hummingbirds would be clustered around this. Like this would be an alcoholic hummingbird’s total jam. Ugh. It just smells … horribly, sickeningly sweet. … Smells like rotten Jolly Ranchers stuck to the bottom of a garbage can in summer … If apples had hoboes—if there were hobo apples, it would smell like this.”

“I am uncertain of my ability to finish this bottle. ... That’s just really, really bad. I mean, it’s worse than the lemonade ... This is just the worse thing I’ve ever had.”

“This is the most carbonated thing I’ve ever had.”

“This is the worst thing! I can’t even believe I’m drinking this! I think my blood sugar is just at its highest level ever and my beta cells are going to stop producing insulin pretty soon, ‘cuz there gunna be like ‘Fuck this! You want blood sugar? I don’t get paid enough for this shit. That’s what my beta cells are saying in my pancreas. [drink] “Ngh. This is just the worst. I can’t even ..."

“This is just the worst thing. I can’t even believe I’m drinking this. My mouth has a film. The inside of my mouth has a film on it. Ugh. How many calories are in this thing?”

“This is a premium—premium—malt beverage. And if this is a premium malt beverage, I don’t want to know what an average or inferior malt beverage tastes like, because this tastes like the ass of a thousand hobos who were only fed apples. Sort of like those pigs in Spain that are only fed chestnuts.”

“Ooh. This is rough. I think I’m getting cavities already ... Like my lips are covered in sugar. Like it’s rock candy ... My teeth are rotting! I think they’re black!”

"This stuff has gone through me like shit through a goose."

Chocolate Wine

"Oh, it smells wretched. It smells like … it smells like if somebody went on a bender and drank a case of vodka and then ate twelve pounds of chocolate and then vomited in a bottle. This really … this is the worst thing. All right. If this doesn't look like diarrhea..."

"I don't even know if I want to drink this. It really does smell like vomit."

"This is the shittiest thing. This really, really, really is like vomit. This is like alcoholic chocolate vomit. This is like if Charley and the Chocolate Factory made liquor candies with the liquor--the alcoholic syrup in the middle and then Veruca Salt ate all of them and then puked them out in a bottle--that's what this would be tasting like. [Drink] This is truly the worst."

"I can't even do this guys. This is really the worst thing. Like all of the different coatings of all of the different things I have had so far have just mingled into this miasma that is in my mouth."

[Drinks] "I just--I just almost threw up. I almost threw up."

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Re: The Ryon Day Twitch Stream Thread!

Postby cRandyGamble » Sat May 06, 2017 10:35 pm

Thanks for putting that together, vessiot, it was a great read!! Good times, good times!!

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